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It’s not considered “marital misconduct” if one spouse condoned the adultery of the other.

Thus, if one spouse knew that the other was cheating, and forgave or accepted it, then the court would not consider infidelity a factor in awarding alimony.

So how else can you tell if you have spyware on your computer?

He or she may simply check your computer or smartphone when you’re not using them, if they’re not protected by a password.

However, if the illegally obtained information leads to legal sources of information, and your spouse can cover his or her tracks, then your spouse’s spying could end up hurting you in court.

The fact that your spouse is spying on you is also a warning sign that your relationship is in serious trouble.

But spouses may spy for other reasons as well: Some people are just suspicious – paranoid even.

If your spouse has been cheated on in the past, then he or she might be particularly concerned about it happening again.

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