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While trying to figure out if they've got a "love thing" or are just ... John Phillips was an undercover agent for the United States.Then his life was taken away after another agent had a secret to keep and decided to pin Phillips for a crime he didn't commit. See full summary » I'm on the soapbox: City of Angels, Blair Underwood, Vivica Fox and Hill Harper never should have been cancelled.In 2011, he let Chloe, Oscar and Freddie take over his Guardian column with their recipe ideas.Hugh has three River Cottage restaurants - in Axminster, Bristol and Winchester.However, when he returned to England, he became a sous-chef at the River Café in London.As a journalist, Hugh has had his work published in publications such as Punch, the Evening Standard, The Sunday Times and The Guardian. The couple and their livestock live on a small farm in East Devon.But being on TV isn't all Hugh's good for - he's also a journalist, food writer and campaigner on food and environmental issues.

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Yet, we gladly accept the racist, ignorant programming because "at least they made it on to the TV". And just putting ANYTHING on the TV and accepting it because they are Black is not good enough. I understood exactly what the problems were and could relate. Now how's that for swatching a terrific program.

Poison is poison and all of this jive, and finger popping and card playing is poison to young (and OLD) minds. My comment is that I liked the show and I'd like to buy it on DVD, CD, video: whatever media is available. Pretty terrible that it can'be be purchased, rented, nothing!

I agree with all the good comments on this board by those who watched and liked the program. Let's face it, the TV media is a powerful tool designed for White America.

So as long as the networks can perpetuate Blacks singing, dancing, popping one's fingers, shaking one's tail-feather and playing cards, then they'll continue to do that to make us look bad.

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March 13, 2005, TVOne (Directv and Comcast) starting the series. It's June 1st and near the end of May, City of Angels was replaced with another program. They are at their corporate headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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  1. What really counts is nonverbal communication, which is based on your actions rather than your words. You don’t see things like posture, eye contact, smirks and smiles, and you don’t hear things like hesitation and pitch.