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Sexuality in the context of society is also an important subject of study in order to see how it changes in the course of history and understand what events and processes influence it.

It is tightly connected to human psychology, biology, and chemistry of the brain as well as cultural differences and customs.It is a broad and constantly evolving subject that is incredibly interesting to study.Whether you believe sexual behavior is determined by genetics or molded by environmental factors, the age old nature versus nurture debate, we have a wide range of discounted textbooks on human sexuality for you to choose from.The new edition continues answering the questions and concerns that readers have about themselves and their sexuality with scientific fact, sensitivity, humor, and unmatched candor.Carroll presents the range of sexual orientations and behaviors and takes into account the current social, religious, ethnic, racial, and cultural contexts.

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Beyond simply providing a foundation in the biology and psychology of sexuality, SEXUALITY NOW: EMBRACING DIVERSITY connects with you and other students by exploring contemporary issues, changing sexual practices and behaviors, and their impact.

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