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This document contained a description of 100 species of fish indigenous to the Brazilian coastline.

In 1686, John Ray and Francis Willughby collaboratively published Historia Piscium, a scientific manuscript containing 420 species of fish, 178 of these newly discovered.

Informal, scientific descriptions of fish are represented within the Judeo-Christian tradition.Artedi contributed to Linnaeus's refinement of the principles of taxonomy.Furthermore, he recognized five additional orders of fish: Malacopterygii, Acanthopterygii, Branchiostegi, Chondropterygii, and Plagiuri.The study of fish receives its origins from human's desire to feed, clothe, and equip themselves with useful implements.According to Michael Barton, a prominent ichthyologist and professor at Centre College, "the earliest ichthyologists were hunters and gatherers who had learned how to obtain the most useful fish, where to obtain them in abundance, and at what times they might be the most available".

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